Free Installation

All products you purchase from STY Otomotiv are installed at your address free of charge.

Mechanical Support

Feel free to ask questions,spare parts support,repair inquiries about products you bought.

Free Shipping

All the products you have purchased are shipped to you free of charge.


Our company works with the leading companies in the sector of every product it sells and aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Ozone Pro

OzonePRO is a professional sterilization system meant to maintain the health of your vehicles.
Devamını oku


The use of quality filters in vehicles prolongs engine life, reduces fuel consumption, and saves drivers and companies from unnecessary cost losses.

Donaldson Filters

The use of quality filters in construction machines and commercial vehicles extends engine life, reduces fuel consumption and saves companies from unnecessary costs.


We have various PULI branded lifts: two pillar, four pillar and scissor lifts.

Two Pillar Lifts

Two-column lifts come in 2 variances: up to 4 tons lifting and up to 6 tons lifting. H-profile iron apparatus is offered as a standard 4-ton lift providing durability to the product and extra safety.

Four Pillar Lifts

Four-column lifts are produced for vehicles with a higher weight compared to two-column lifts. They have been specially developed for commercial vehicles due to their four-point contact with the ground. There are two types, up to 4.5 tons and up to 5.5 tons.

Scissor Liftsr

It is one of the most preferred lifts due to its space-saving and ease of use. It is especially preferred in cases where more vehicles needs to be served. Our scissor lifts sustain up to 3 tons.


We have a large range of products branded KALE Balata.

LANCOL Testing Equipment

LANCOL brand is offering a varierty of measuring devices for testing the battery, antifreeze, distilled water.

HPMM Tire Inflator Machine

HPMM brand tire inflation machines are on sale for private and authorized services.

HPMM Air Conditioner Gas Filling Device

Air conditioning gas filling devices produced for the needs of all private and authorized services.


F6 are auto care products produced with high technology. It has a wide product range which meets all the needs of vehicles.

SPEEDOL Engine and Industrial Oils

Our company is the authorized dealer of the SPEEDOL brand, which has been produced since 1921. It contributes to the needs of its customers with quality products.


Establishment of STY

STY Otomotiv was founded in 2016 by Süleyman Beyaz, Tarık Bayraktaroğlu, Yusuf Koçak.

First Import in August 2016

Working with many leading companies in the sector abroad, STY started its first import in August 2016 and has increased its import volume every year since.

Opening to the Chinese Market

By participating in the Automechanika fair, held every year, STY chose companies that produce high quality products and started to work with them, stepping into the Chinese market as well.

Filter Distributors in December 2016

STY Automotive received the distributorship of Mahle & Knecht Filter in 2016 and Donaldson Filter in 2017 and it continues to sell these high quality products.

Present and Future

While meeting the needs of its customers at the highest level, STY Otomotiv diligently maintains its quality and environmental awareness in order to minimize the negative effects of its products and maintenance equipment on the environment.



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